Do I Got a Hat On?

I got settled into my room and the nurse came in to ask how my pain was. I had never hurt like this. So, one would think I would respond with saying a “10.” But I wasn’t supposed to be having pain like this. The surgeon had told me I would feel like going home in the morning. I’ve always been tough when it comes to pain, it’s never slowed me down from anything. But this was much different, this was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I tell the nurse an 8, maybe a 9 and he tells me he would bring me something in. This embarrassed feeling, pertaining to my pain level, continued the entire time I was in the hospital.

One of my friends called to check on me and I was attempting to talk with her. But apparently hung up on her twice, she was pretty amused with me. I still don’t recall having the conversation, but my mom was witness so I guess I can’t deny it happened. And then came the question of the day, “Do I got a hat on?” I said this over, and over, and over, again! My family kept saying, “no, you do not have a hat on.” I think the first few times, they were pretty amused, but that amusement quickly turned to annoyance. They, of course, got me on video asking this question. I think because I had the hat on for so long during surgery that I could still feel it on my head.

I had another nurse come in and ask if I had a carotid artery surgery, I told her no and explained what I had done. She apologized and said they typically didn’t get patients like me on their floor and the unit that typically did, was closed for remodeling. I was a little concerned hearing that as I know what it means for nurses to take care of patients outside of their specialty. But at this point, I was still holding out hope that I would be going home in the morning. But I hadn’t yet attempted to get out of the bed which proved to be a changing point in the plans.

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