Today is a great day for many people struggling with depression. The FDA is expected to approve Ketamine as a treatment for depression. It’s been suggested the FDA is going to approve Ketamine for treatment of resistant depression, meaning those who’ve tried at least two different antidepressants without success. I read a great article regarding depression and Ketamine on It has some quotes from Dr. Cidambi, who is board certified in Addiction Medicine and Psychiatry. She says, “More than one of three of 16 million individuals with depression in America do not receive any treatment and 3 of 10 individuals prescribed antidepressants do not derive any benefit from it, suggesting millions of patients with depression could now find relief with ketamine.”

This is a huge step in the right direction for CRPS treatment as well, as Ketamine is being used more and more as a means to treat CRPS. With CRPS, getting Ketamine gives you a two for one deal. I’ve said in past posts that CRPS is known as the suicide disease. This is mainly from the tole this disease takes on your mind. I can’t think of a single person who could live with CRPS and not suffer from some form of depression. I’ve always been an upbeat, easy going person but this disease has definitely reeked havoc in all aspects of my life. I recently went for a Ketamine infusion following recommendation from my best friend (a nurse anesthetist) and a well respected physician colleague. I did sign papers stating I understood this treatment was not FDA approved. And I had to pay 100% out of pocket as my insurance stated this was not FDA approved and only a trial for treatment. I’ll get to that part of my story soon. But I can only hope that the FDA would consider Ketamine, not only for depression, but for pain management as well. Furthermore, there have been many studies for Ketamine being used successfully for those in heroin withdrawal. Of course, Ketamine needs to be given under direct physician supervision to help minimize its misuse. But I think the benefits of Ketamine are pretty amazing, coming from someone who’s reaped some benefit. It’s definitely a start that the FDA will likely approve it for treatment of depression, but I can only pray they consider further.


Therapy, C. F. (2019, March 04). Imminent FDA Approval of Addictive Ketamine for Depression Brings Back Echoes from the Opiate Epidemic. Retrieved March 4, 2019, from

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