Bustin’ Out

It’s Sunday morning, I’m moving some better but still pretty unsteady. The nurse comes in, asks how I’m doing and asks if I’m ready to go home. I tell her that I think I’m ready because at this point they’re not doing anything for me that I couldn’t do at home. She says she’ll talk with the surgeon and get back with me. She comes back a little while later and says that I could go home. Although I’m very excited to get home, I’m also very nervous! It takes a couple hours for the nurse to get everything ready, which was fine by me. Then, she comes in to go over my paperwork. They were sending me home with prescriptions for Zofran and pain medicine. We get everything ready to go and I get wheeled out to the car. When the nurses aide first wheeled me into the elevator and hit that bump, I thought to myself that this may not be such a good idea. But I was determined that I was going home…that day…right now! I get in the car and we start our two and a half hour drive home. My husband, who is known for not being the best driver (sorry not sorry HA), hits a bump in the road. I yell out in pain and with tears in my eyes, tell him he has to be more careful. I prop my right arm up on the arm rest of my passenger door. It feels much better when I take pressure off of my arm and rest it. We have plans of stopping for ice cream about an hour and a half down the road and I am so excited! He again hits more bumps and speeds up slinging my head back (see what I mean). Each time I think, what was I thinking leaving that hospital?

We finally make it to our stop for ice cream, I say, “I’ll sit in the car.” My parents pull up beside us and roll down the window to ask if I’m going in. I say, “No, I can’t do anything right now. I am in so much pain, I can’t imagine even walking.” My mom says, “I knew you would be! I think it might’ve been too soon for you to leave!” I knew it was too soon to leave, but my pride got the best of me. Again, I wasn’t supposed to even be in the hospital two nights. I was supposed to go home the morning after. Had I known then what was actually going on, I wouldn’t have felt so bad about staying.


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