A Daughter or A niece?

The first morning after getting home, I still felt pretty rough. Everyone had gone back to work that day. Calli, my daughter, and I were left to be cared for by my 13 year old niece, Skylar. This may scare people that know her (yes, you read that right), but I knew I was in good hands. My husband had helped me shower the night before so she didn’t have to do that. Although she said she would if I really needed her to, I couldn’t have her doing that. At this point I was managing going to the bathroom alone, although slow, I could make it. Skylar, who hasn’t ever cooked, wanted to cook for me. I’m not much of a big breakfast eater, I’m perfectly fine having a bowl of cereal. Well, this annoyed her and she wasn’t having it! She would make Calli and I breakfast and lunch each day, she did great! One of Skylar’s favorite things that I make for breakfast is oats and quinoa. So, she decided she would try to make some. She had it so burnt on the bottom of the saucepan, she had to soak it for hours and still scrub it! We were able to eat the top part and it was just fine! She also made me some pancakes while she was taking care of me, they were also good!

Skylar and I have always been extremely close, she’s always been like a daughter to me. I don’t think she realizes how much her being there really meant to me. She could have been out hanging with her friends or any number of things that a 13 year old enjoys. But she chose to stay with me and to take care of me. Yea, her oats didn’t turn out like she wanted and her pancakes may not have either, but in my eyes she did perfect! She has been there for me in one of the most vulnerable times of my life and I will forever be grateful. Not just for her help during this time, but grateful for just being able to enjoy her being her. She has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know. My journey with CRPS will be lifelong, but knowing that I have people like Skylar in my corner makes it a little easier.


2 thoughts on “A Daughter or A niece?

  1. This is skylar this is very sweet ami thank u and I just had to laugh about my burnt oats😂😂 but I’ll see you very soon I love u so much😘😘


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