Keep the Dirty Looks to Yourself

I’m not really sure why I continue to get dirty looks from people about how I look. But really, is my shoulder being exposed really that offensive to you? Do you find it necessary to give me dirty looks as you pass by as I’m standing with my husband and 6 year old daughter. I swear, I just don’t understand people! We are enjoying a much needed family weekend getaway before I go to an appointment with a new pain management specialist on Monday. The cold weather here has intensified my pain, but I’m pushing myself to go out and about with my family so we can enjoy our time. I cannot wear clothing on my right shoulder. I will not be sorry about this! If you choose to be offended, that is your fault; it is not mine!

I mean, if you’re really that offended or concerned why I’m dressed the way I am, feel free to ask! I’ll fill you in, I’m not shy at all! I’ll probably even tell you that I can’t wear a bra either because it hurts too bad! I would never treat someone badly just because they make different choices than I do. I may not agree with you, but I won’t treat you badly unless you do so to me. As far as you choosing how to dress, as long as you’re not exposing your private parts, you’re not bothering me! I truly wish people would realize that not everyone makes the same choices. Just because you believe differently than I do doesn’t mean we can’t be friends or that I won’t still respect you. I’m not going to cram my beliefs down your throat or insist you must believe and act the way I do. I’m sure the looks today won’t be the last. I’ll just continue smiling at people as they walk by staring and giving their dirty looks. Because although you’re choosing to be rude, I don’t have to stoop to your level! I’ll continue teaching my child to love others. I’ll continue being a good role model for her while warning her of people with cold hearts. Even for those who can’t afford much of anything, you can afford to be kind. Choose to be kind! ❤️

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