The Car Ride Home

June 12, 2018

We leave the doctors office and start home on our 2 1/2 hour trip. I’m not feeling great, but we decide we are going to enjoy our ride home a bit. We plan on going some back roads to get home. But we end up going way outside of where we should be. We get onto some country roads where the roads are quite rough. My husband, being the excellent driver he is, hits some rough places in the road at full speed. I immediately jump, scream out in pain and started crying. This was the first time I had felt the jolts of true CRPS pain and let me tell you, it is like no other pain you’ve ever felt! I go for the pain medicine and I get jolted again! I’ve never been shocked by lightning, but that’s kind of what I compare these jolts of pain to. They come on so quick, you’re fine one minute and then you’re not! I’ve yet to have just one jolt of pain, they always come in multiple jolts.

I now know that I have to avoid things that make these jolts occur such as bumps, loud noises, wearing clothing on my right chest, having my hair long to where it touches my chest, etc. At this time though, I had no idea what was really going on. I had just learned that I may have something called RSD, but I still wasn’t sure what that was. I knew I had some unusual pain, but I hadn’t had anything like this, yet! I finally get the pain medicine down, but it does nothing! This is the thing with nerve pain, pain medicine doesn’t touch it! That’s one of the hardest things for people to wrap their head around, I’ve found. People think you’re in pain, take pain pill and you’ll be fine! Well, it doesn’t work like this with CRPS, it never goes away!

We finally get home and I’m exhausted! I’m not used to getting worn out by things like this. I can usually run circles around everyone I’m around and here I am getting completely zapped from a trip! I’m also not one to be slowed down by pain, I usually just push right through! But this pain was so different! This pain will stop you in your tracks! I get settled in at home and sit down to start trying to figure out what RSD is. Start comparing what I have experienced and what’s listed on the internet. What I find is spot on what I’m experiencing. I read through the case studies shaking my head and saying, oh my, that’s exactly what I feel. It’s appearing as though my surgeon was correct in his thinking. It’s appearing as though I do have RSD, but what does that mean for me? I’m not ready to slow down, I’m not even willing to try!

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