CRPS-Pain Management and Hemp Oil

The next thing I found in my research for things to help my CRPS Pain was hemp oil! I read how it could help with anxiety, depression, sleep and pain. Although, I didn’t read anyone with CPRS claim that it helped them with pain, I did read a physician claim that it helped his diabetic neuropathy (another form of nerve pain) and others said that it helped their arthritic pain. So, I thought I’d give it a try and man, I’m so glad I did!

As I said before, in my opinion and experience, the usual pain medications really don’t do much for CRPS nerve pain. With me, they only make me loopy and not feel myself! And then there is the terrifying thought of getting addicted! Once I got the hemp oil in the mail, I first tried just a few drops. A few drops didn’t help anything! I started researching more and reading amounts that others used. I started trying close to a full vial, and after a few days, it did the trick! I first started with a lower dose, 450mg bottle. And went up from there, to currently a 2500mg bottle. Of course, it doesn’t take all the pain away (not even close), nothing does that. But I can definitely tell a difference in taking it, than not. And it doesn’t make me loopy, but helps me relax and sleep!

With the long trip to Alaska coming up and not knowing how the elevation and plane ride would affect me, being able to bring the hemp oil on the plane with me was a relief! I’ve had person after person ask me about the hemp oil I use. So, I decided to become an Amazon Affiliate so that I can link products directly in my blog posts. As an Amazon Affiliate, I do earn from qualifying purchases. This is not a way for me to make an income (the % is minimal), but rather to assist in paying for this website monthly while sharing the products that work for me and that I use. I will post links like the ones below to products that have helped. These are products I would be talking about while blogging anyways, as I will only link to products that help and not just trying to get people to purchase them. It is not my goal to make money doing this, but rather educate about CRPS. And ultimately help others struggling with CRPS.

Click the highlighted link to check out the hemp oil that I use to help with my pain and to help me sleep.


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