Are you done with your blog?

I’ve had several people ask if I was done with my blog and the answer is…..ABSOLUTELY NOT! I’m just a little caught up with a difficult class and spending time with family, which will come before anything. Good news is, I’m getting close to being done with this class (thank God) and then I’ll have only two classes left! I just wanted to update all of my readers and let you know that I’ve not gone anywhere! I just happen to pay more monthly for school than this blog, so I’d like to finish that up quickly! HA! Here’s a few words of encouragement for anyone out there struggling with anything:

You can rise up from anything. You can completely recreate yourself. Nothing is permanent. You’re not stuck. You have choices. You can think new thoughts. You can learn something new. You can create new habits. All that matters is that you decide today and never look back.

-Idil Ahmed



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