There’s Something About Mary

“Pain nourishes courage. You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you.” -Mary Tyler Moore The above quote is very true, but it’s terribly difficult to live in pain every day. Not only with the physical aspect, but with the mental aspect that comes along with it. It’s very true that […]


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The Shower

It was the end of my husbands work week and we was preparing to go on his out of town fishing trip. He offered many times to stay home with me, but I wanted him to go enjoy his trip. I still wasn’t moving well, I was still extremely stiff. The plan was for him […]

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A Daughter or A niece?

The first morning after getting home, I still felt pretty rough. Everyone had gone back to work that day. Calli, my daughter, and I were left to be cared for by my 13 year old niece, Skylar. This may scare people that know her (yes, you read that right), but I knew I was in […]

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The Purple Foam Pillow

So, back on the day of my surgery I got a purple foam pillow just before heading back to surgery. I’m sure this helped keep my neck positioned during surgery or had some similar benefit. When I first got it and placed it behind my head, I said, “Oh my gosh, this thing is terrible!” […]

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Me…Taking Pain Medicine?

We leave the ice cream shop and continue on our way home. From the ice cream shop this was another hour or so. With every minute passing, I am in more and more pain. We finally make it to the pharmacy close to home and I’m almost in tears. I’m not one to cry over […]

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Bustin’ Out

It’s Sunday morning, I’m moving some better but still pretty unsteady. The nurse comes in, asks how I’m doing and asks if I’m ready to go home. I tell her that I think I’m ready because at this point they’re not doing anything for me that I couldn’t do at home. She says she’ll talk […]

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She Doesn’t Need PT

The charge nurse walks in to introduce herself. She says that my nurses aide had told her the difficulty that I had showering and ambulating. We talk for awhile and she asks what I think about her recommending physical therapy to my surgeon. I tell her I never imagined that I would be saying this, […]

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Not The Ideal Shower

After eating lunch and resting for a bit, my husband, Nathan, decides we’ll attempt to get this shower done. I am still struggling to walk and have to have assistance to do so. I still cannot do much of anything by myself. He gets everything ready and then him and the nurses aide assists me […]

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